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Caleb’s Guide Service was great and his boat was fantastic! Caleb is extremely knowledgeable and a blast to talk to. We will definitely be back! – Christopher G.

Full Day Trip on May 11, 2021

“We planned a half day trip with Captain Caleb.  Captain Caleb was energetic and knowledgeable.  He was always responsive to our questions and was very friendly.  We enjoyed our trip immensely.  We would recommend Captain Caleb to anyone.” – Julia A.

Half Day Trip on October 31, 2020

“What an amazing experience! Couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Caleb put us on fish all day long. He was willing to put in the work doing whatever it took to to increase our chances of catching fish. Cant recommend him enough!” – Dustin C.

Full Day Trip on October 19, 2020

“Young, high energy guide who knows the area extremely well. Very judicious about getting on fish- has a full understanding of the river, competing elements such as netting, water release and temp. Would and will absolutely do another trip with Caleb. We each tagged solid chinook- no donuts and each had the chance to max out. Thanks!” – Adam K.

Full Day Trip on October 1, 2020

“Very impressed with his knowledge and ability to figure out the best patterns for finding and catching our targeted species. And to offer quality tackle and gear was a very nice bonus. My wife and I had a very enjoyable day with new fishing experiences to add to our angling resumes!  We are going back out with Caleb again tomorrow to try something else new in the tributaries. Can’t wait!”

Full Day Trip on June 13, 2019

“No big boat hype – just good ole fishing, no pressure.  Ensures you get your catch and does not settle for the “jacks” that just make the cut.  Caleb knows his stuff…. we walked away with our limit.” – Chad H.

Full Day Trip on August 10, 2019

“Great trip! Beautiful fall day with the family. Caleb worked hard to get us on some fish. Caleb turned an average day of fishing into a great day on the water.” – Nick H.

Full Day Trip on August 10, 2019